Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to the Machine

It has been a while since i have sewn anything for my girls.  They really haven't needed anything.  But i always love a good dress designing challenge.  A good friend brought me some old skirts she didn't want to see if i could make anything for the girls out of them.  I was loving this dark blue violet fabric with lavender flowers.  I sat right down and started cutting away at it.  I used an A-line dress of my daughters for the basic pattern, and then i asked my daughter what she was hoping the dress would look like.  She wanted some ruffles and longer sleeves.  And I had in my head that I wanted an oversized flower on the front like some awesome dresses I saw on Shabby Apple (a great dress website). 

 So, with that in mind, i made this:

Into This: 

Of, course not without having to redo the neckline so her head could fit through.  But now in the back it has this sweet over-sized keyhole, with ruffle detail that I just love and may not have been there if it had fit the first time ;).

She's wearing it around with her fancy dress up Cinderella shoes. I think that means she likes it :)


ourthreesons said...

That is redonkulously cute. I can't believe you made that out of a skirt, you are incredibly talented!

Kathryn Palmer said...

cute dress. I love big flowers! Kaylee is such a beautiful model.

I love seeing the transformation of your dining table and china hutch. it turned out darling.

the landreths said...

Wow,'re so good! Great dress!

Katie and Paul said...

You are so good. I have a bunch of material I could send you if you want from my skinny days :) Let me know.

the landreths said...

alright're button is quite the button. I have it nice and big today on my blog, as i see it is nice and big on your blog today too. :) at least no one will miss it.

Kimberly said...

hahaha, okay i really need to get that fixed. I keep thinking maybe it is just my computer. Sorry to all for my funky button! I guess that's what happens when you try to make it yourself :)