Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Year, New Life!

You all must have thought that 4 kids have done me in.  Well, it takes a little more than that to stop this lady. . . and a little more is just what has been happening around  here lately!  I will give you the short version of the story:

 Just two shorts weeks after having our little bundle of joy, my hubs got laid off.  It was a devastating blow to say the least.  But we tried to take advantage of the QT that we were getting with a new baby at home and Dad around.  It was really something I could get used to, if we could get paid to sit around and play with our kids all day!  Alas, that is not the case, and {because he's just so irresistible ;)} the hubs did a great job of scoring a few job offers.  But wouldn't you know the offer that seemed to suit us the best was over 1,000 miles from where we were, and from any family, or friends that we know. 

We made our decision and  within 3 weeks were packed and moved and settled, with just enough time to celebrate Christmas, in (drum roll please)  Arkansas!  Yep.  Bet you forgot that was even a state.  We had.  So with this new year comes this new adventure in our little spot here in middle America, or southern America, we can't actually decide (coming from the North East) if it feels more south or more west to us. 

It has been culture shock for sure, but we are loving settling in and trying to feel like natives.  We have already tried fried catfish and the BEST fried chicken i've ever had (I have not, nor will I, go so far as to try frog legs, but let me tell you they are a real food here, and people DO eat them!).  We have become part of the Razorback fan club, we've already got our t-shirts, which seems to be a requirement for living here, that and a hogs car decal--(which we do not have).  We have experience our first tornado warning and have spotted a place we would go in the house in case one decides to crash through our neighborhood.  We have seen little chicken coops in peoples very normal suburban back yards apparently you don't need a farm to have fresh eggs!   One of my favorite adjustments are the few 70 degree winter days!  Definitely beats the 5 feet of snow that would have been dumped on us in New England!  Things are different, but change is good.  I have no doubt this experience will be one that will change our family for the better.  So, while the projects may be a little farther between for the next little while while we settle in, I will try to keep updated, becuase my ideas certainly aren't slowing, and we will now have a new house full of new decorating and projects!  So, don't give up on me just yet. . . it takes more than a few hits to knock this lady out! 


Jennifer said...

Hi Kim!
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