Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Beginning

So, let’s face it, not to be clichéd but "times are tough." I'm a stay at home mom and I want to be able to spend wisely so I can save my hubby's hard earned cash for the bare necessities, and a nest egg if times get tougher. But I am human, and I can't go without the finer things in life completely, I just have to be creative about how I acquire them.  I'm no stranger to second hand stuff, in fact, i love it, there are so many things with character out there just waiting to be found and revamped!  But that leaves me doing a lot of projects, which is okay. It is my outlet after a long day. I actually like going out to the garage and sanding down an old dresser, late at night, with the hopes of it one day becoming part of a gleaming new {to us} bedroom set, or taking old out of style clothes and remaking them into something trendy for my kids to wear to school the next day. Of course I’m no professional; I am just daring enough to possibly waste a load of time if a project doesn’t end up looking like what I thought. So with a lot of experimentation comes some wins and some losses. But hopefully we can share them together and bounce our ideas back and forth so we can all benefit from all the great ideas out there.  Bear with me here in the beginning as i get things set up, i know it will be worth your while. . . everybody's got to start somwhere!

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