Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Piano Rehab

I found a piano on Craigslist for $60 and couldn't pass it up. I am no concert pianist, but i can play a tune or two, and every home needs a piano. . . or will, after you see how awesome they can look.  My husband got some guys and picked it up, the man we bought it from was so greatful to get it out of his basement he gave over half the money back to us.  So, our $20 piano was in our livingroom out of tune and looking drab.  I was wishing it was a different color,  like a shiney black but didn't really dare do anything, there is definitely a vibe out there to not paint wood {which i don't follow}, but especially not pianos.  But it was the kind of piano that would never be perfect and so i searched the internet again for some instructions or inspiration, and i found it. DESIGNMOM had this great old piano that seemed similar to mine, scuffed, imperfect, and not worth the money to completely restore, but still needed new life.  This is not the first idea i have gotten from her, and surely will not be the last. She painted hers a kelly green color, you can see it HERE {great, huh?}.  My livingroom was looking so blah and no matter what i did, it just wasn't my style and i was blaming it on my piano.  So after seeing someone else had taken the plunge i went to the paint store, grabbed a few samples and after narrowing them down, I came up with a nice soft pear green that i then antiqued by brushing over the whole piano with a hunter green paint and then wiping away the extra paint so it only remained in cracks and streaks around the piano.  After i was finished i did what i had been wanting to do, but couldn't with the piano brown, and that was paint the walls that bordered it a nice creamy chocolate bar brown.  With all the painting done, I enlisted the help of my uber-stylish mom and sister to help me find cute {and cheap} decor to put around it.  Not only did they deliver, but they found some great things i already had around my house (of course i now need a new dinning room centerpiece and wreath on my front door, but hey, they look great by the piano). It is the coziest room in my house.  It totally finished off my main level.  I LOVE it.  I seriously never had a comment on my living room status until i finished this piano and now everyone who steps foot in my house, goes in there and looks around. It's so striking and different, it really adds some personality.  Much better, huh?

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It looks awesome!!!