Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh My, How Spring flies by!

Woah, can I just say, I haven't forgotten about my blog.  Time has just gotten away from me this season!  Although i have been missing my project time, and my blogging time, I have been trying to keep my priorities in order, so it has been put to the side for the last couple of months while my hubs pushes through to finish his master's degree (woohoo!).  But don't think that the gears have stopped turning.  I have been eyeing all sorts of great little projects that I am itching to get my fingers on.  And I have just found out that our little bun in the oven is a baby girl, so you can bet I will be starting some fun baby accessories soon!  Here is a little photoshop trick I picked up to do some modern pop art (and a nice shot of my 19 week prego belly):

It was so simple!  If you have Elements, just make a duplicate layer of your photo, change the hue to whatever color you want showing most, and then vamp up the saturation to the highest level you want.  Continue the process saving each new color creation as a new photo (make sure not to save over the original) and then place them all on a new blank page however you want.  I went with 4 duplicates, but i have seen it done with any number of photos, and even different photos of the same subject.  It was fun to play around with! 


Kathryn Palmer said...

cool pictures!
congrats on finding out it is a girl! I'm sure Kaylee is thrilled.

Cindy said...

Great to see you blog again! I miss your posts ms. project prowler!

Kayla said...

That belly bump has the cutest accessory! Congrats!