Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to throw a Teeny-Tiny Tea Party

My youngest just turned two, and for her birthday party we had a Teeny-Tiny Two year old Tea Party.  The guest list was as tiny as the items served.  Because really, how many two year olds could you keep entertained at a tea party?  So she chose her 3 best friends: her older sister, her older brother, and her friend from up the street. 

Some Must Haves at a Tiny Party:
A Tiny Table

A Tiny Tea Set

Tiny Dishes

Tiny Foods
 (Tiny pizza slices, mini granola bites, baby carrots, mini fruit leather, mini muffins, and mini chunks of cheese).

And a very tiny Birthday Cake
(two oreos frosted together and decorated), with a tiny scoop of ice cream (made with a mellon baller)

Then get ready for BIG smiles
 (well, i promise the birthday girl was smiling at one point. . . i just didn't quite capture it in this picture;) ).


Kathryn Palmer said...

What a great idea. Everything teeny tiny is so cute!

Matt and Adge said...

two oreos frosted together?? how do u come up with this stuff?