Friday, April 2, 2010

A Builders Dream. . .and a Mothers

My friend sent me a link to this blog called Knock off Wood.  It is awesome, the stuff that lady makes some awesome stuff.  Not only does she show it on her blog, but she gives you the plans, all cute and drawn out, with measurements and amounts.  We love to build stuff. . . let me rephrase. . . my husband loves to build stuff.  I love that he does, and I love to tell him what to build and then help with the finishing touches.  Coming up with the plans is really half the battle.  We have been talking about making an outdoor picnic table for a while but haven't really put the gears in motion.  Yesterday I sent him a link for this cute little kids picnic table.  And without a word, he came home with lumber (and some wonderful composite decking boards, that won't splinter, or need to be painted, stained, or power washed. . . ever, for the top and seats.)  Then with plans in hand, he watched the kids outside, and zipped this thing out all while i was making dinner.  We changed the plans slightly to make the table top bigger to accommodate more plates on the table, and then today i noticed she added a new post with a bigger picnic table!  We are definitely going to be returning to that site for more projects.  I am thinking maybe a farmhouse bed frame for our bed ;)

don't mind miss nearly two taking off her pants in the middle of everything :)

Doesn't this totally make your heart melt?

It's finished!  I just need to do my "finishing touch" work, which is painting all those non surface pieces of wood.  . . I need some color ideas to go with the grey top boards, any suggestions? 

This will certainly get lots of use, seeing as how right now my kids just plop their food right on the deck floor and eat away! 


TaylorClan said...

we are BIG fans of her site too!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about white or black? They're kind of neutral colors.

Kathryn Palmer said...

LOVE IT! Perfect for the kiddos. Nice work Seth!

Kimberly said...

I know lilian, i think i might go wtih white, it will kind of match the deck, and look nice and refreshing with the grey.

Matt and Adge said...

that is so fun! go seth! his projects that turn into professional works of art should not surprise me anymore, but they never cease to impress me. very nice!