Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Jammies

I don't usually think of Easter as a time when you need to have special occasion jammies.  But I have a friend who gives me her daugthers hand-me-downs for my 2 year old and they are always filled with these cuter than cute handmade boutique style dresses.  This time around there was the cutest pair of spring/summer jammies that I LOVE. 
Adorable, right?

I kept thinking they were so cute, it would be fun for my oldest daugther to have some to match.  I knew with my husbands busy schedule there wouldn't be much time before easter to make a good by-myself fabric store trip, so I was giving up on the idea.  But it kept naggin at me until i remembered that she also gave me a couple of yards or coordinating fabric (which she had actually made into crib sized top sheets, but my kids don't use top sheets) So, I thought I would put it to better use than sitting in the linen closet forever, and try to mimick her cute little boutique jammies (I know, i'm making clothes out of linens now. . . it's getting out of hand, haha!). 

Mine version is definitely not as good as the original, but I tried to get in all the little details that made the outfit so unique.

I couldn't leave the boy out of the easter jammie fun. . . recognize that fabric?  I had just enough for some jammie shorts, and matched it with a $5 Tshirt from walmart. 

It was so fun to have them all cute and springy for easter morning, with their crazy bed-hed, and fancy little jammies for their easter egg hunt.  It was all I had hoped for !  Thanks Amanda for my free spring jammies and great ideas ;)

Look at them so excited ;)


Kathryn Palmer said...

CUTE jammies. well done!

Brooke Rane said...

oh my word!! that hair! i love it :)

Taylor's said...

Oh Kim - the hair - I absolutely love the bed head!

And the jammies are so dang cute! I want a pair for me!