Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The $30 Entry Table

Have you ever looked at entry tables?  I have, and most they are more than pricey.  Even at my beloved hometown Marshalls I need at least a Benjamin to get a cute little occasional table.  But they add so much style and class to a space, and give more room for fun decorating.  I gave up on putting an entry table in my foyer and instead painted a bench I got at a garage sale.  This was long before my refinishing days and I would have never attempted a table.  But my sis, has been working on her entryway the last couple of weeks and keeping me up to date with her progress.  I just loved what she did with this table. . . and for a steal!  She found this table at Savers for $15:

Then she bought some cherry stain  and refinished the top.  She painted the bottom black, with some paint she had on hand, and then splurged on a great oil rubbed bronze knob for $5 (because why not, when you are saving your self $100 bucks at least in the end).  And the end result is a beautiful $30 french country table with a modern edge.  I am always amazed at what some paint and TLC for a piece of furniture can do. 

And don't you just love those cute family profiles hanging on the wall?  You can't see in this picture but they are all hanging from a rod with strips of fabric.  It is a knock off she made from a picture frame set you can buy at Pottery Barn. . .  yet another great cheap decor idea from the big sis.   You can see where I learn all my tricks!  And, I've got 8 more big sisters, just as thrifty and stylish as she is, to bum ideas from.  Thanks for letting me share Adrienne, and for giving me some good ideas for the dresser awaiting some care in my garage.


the landreths said...

LOVE it. It really did turn out so great.

Cindy said...

so cute! looks like it runs in the fam to find ugly furniture and make it stylish, new, and cute. i want those genes!