Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fun

Okay today's post is a bit of a hodge podge, I'll admit.  But only because i had two great, but unrelated things I just couldn't wait to share in two separate posts.  I was getting some great feedback on the jewelry board I posted a while back, and my friend Cindy (of Cranberries and Capers) was the person who gave me the wonderful idea.  So, since it was her birthday a few weeks ago, and I was making a trip to visit her, I decided to make her a jewelry board of her very own!  We had lots of fun going through all of her great jewelry and hanging it on the board.  It matched her room perfectly {phew!}.  I did hers a bit differently, and varied the shape, making it long and skinny, more of a portrait layout and I decided to try distressing the edges of her frame a bit since she has a more rustic style.  Here are a few pics of it hanging in it's new home (which is much classier than it's previous home. . . my garage!):

Also, just for fun, my kids and I decided to get rid of some of the socks that have been long overtaking our sock bin.  I really have a hard time throwing out clothes that are not completely worn out or stained beyond repair.  So, we re-purposed them into sock puppets!  Remember those scraggly little things we kids of yesteryear used to make out of tube socks?  We got out what craft supplies and loose buttons we had and made one for each of the kids.  I was disappointed that we didn't have any yarn for hair, but when i realized we had pipe cleaners I thought I would attempt to make a 'do that would work, and it was so much better.  Because you can't do this with yarn: 

They chose out their own style and parts and I, in a whirlwind of hot glue globs and excitement (theirs, and mine, of course), glued the parts on where they wanted them.  They fell asleep with them, played with them, made little houses and accessories for them.  Those socks may have only been worn a few times before the inevitable disappearance of each mate, but we surely have gotten our money's worth out of them!


Kathryn Palmer said...

Love the jewelry board you made for Cindy! It matches her pillows perfect!

Matt and Adge said...

Those sock puppets turned out so cute! the pipe cleaner hair adds so much spunk.