Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine Chandelier

Five steps for an afternoon of fun:

1. Some stiffened felt, a heart pattern, ribbon, hot glue, and some bored kids.

2. With your kids, cut out hearts of various sizes, making at least 4 large hearts to put letters on to spell the word LOVE. 

3. Have extra craft supplies/activities nearby for when your kids get tired with how long it is taking you to get everything just perfect.

4. Hang your hearts on your chandelier with ribbons of various lengths: 

 5. Use the littler felt hearts and extra ribbon to make a little heart garland for around the chain:

Enjoy your family fun afternoon, and sharing the L-O-V-E all through the season!

1 comment:

Kathryn Palmer said...

cute idea. i love to decorate for the holidays and different season. if makes me feel festive! too bad i don't have a chandelier to decorate.