Monday, February 1, 2010

Everybody has a little Dirty Laundry

Everyone may have a little dirty laundry. . . but we have a lot of dirty laundry, and, thanks to this weekend's project, ours is going to stay dirty for another day or so.  This weekend my hubby and I. . . .well mostly the hubby. . . started an upstairs hallway makeover.   I know, seems weird. . . why the hallway, you ask?  It's not that we have exhausted all our other rooms of decorating, no, no, there is still much to do in our house.  But our hallway upstairs, from the day we moved in, has been bugging us.  The way too white carpet needs to go, the laundry closet is a constant mess from being overstuffed with, well, stuff.  And the walls have nicks, smudges, and lack that cozy color that we haven't decided on.  But, what we have decided is that we are putting wood floors in the hall, since it is such a high traffic area, and tile in the laundry closet.  We were going to take a few hours on Saturday morning to lay down some sticky tile, since really you only see a few inches of the flooring once the washer and dryer are in, but in a last minute decision at home depot, my husband decided to come home with a great deal on ceramic tile.  So, he started on that little project neither of us thinking that it would be Monday night before we could put our washer and dryer back in.  So with our laundry is piling up to the clouds, and appliance blocking both our linen closet and most of the entrance to our toddlers room, we wait, knowing that in a couple of weeks, we will have a new luxury, cozy, upstairs hallway.  Maybe we will need to have a hallway sleepover really spend the time all our hard work deserves. 

I don't even want to claim these before pictures:
Yuck. . I know, even seeing just 3 inches of this stained and outdated linoleum every time i opened the laundry closet was enough to bug us into action.

An action shot of the install.

The tile is in and grouted.  We still need to put the quarter round in around the baseboards.  The hardwoods will butt up against it (hence the extra untiled space) and we clearly need to paint, so if i want to tackle this. . .
. . .any time soon, I need to head to the hardware store for some relaxing laundry color, because my kids are now finding joy in seeing how high they can get their dirty duds to pile.  I am pretty sure my son emptied his underwear draw in there.  Won't he be surprised when he has to sniff out the clean ones today ;)

Well keep you posted!  We are hoping to put the hardwoods in this week, can't wait! 

BTW. . . today is my hubby's 31st birthday so Happy Birthday! I am sure all he wants is some clean laundry, right?


Anonymous said...

It looks awesome already! Can't wait to see the wood floors in the hallway. You're post is an inspiration to do some of mine home improvements in the future, thanks for sharing ;-).

Kathryn Palmer said...

Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Lookin' good so far!