Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ironing Board Cover

Let's be truthful. . . I really don't iron.  I just buy wrinkle free shirts for my husband, and try to get my clothes out of the dryer fast if I really care to have things not wrinkly.  But a few wrinkles add character and wisdom right?  Maybe that only works with faces. My lack of ironing is why it took me 5 years of marriage before I decided it was time to invest in an ironing board.  And invest I did. . . it was twenty buckeroo's for my wobbly, horribly patterned Kmart ironing board.  Maybe $20 wouldn't seem like so much if it were cute, or even somwhat sturdy, but it is as cheaply made as it looks.  Every time I use it I kick myself for spending money on something that has the quality and style of a dollar store item, but since I use it so rarely, i don't kick myself too often ;). 

Why am I rambling about my ironing board, you may ask?  Well, now that my laundry room is taking shape I am realizing that I can't stand the ironing board cover anymore.  I can't bare to put that thing back in my nice crisp, clean space.  While perusing Marshalls the other day, I found some great ironing board covers, but really, do i need to make my $20 investment a $30 one?  I actually would have caved if any of them had matched, but since they didn't i decided to take matters into my own hands.  I had some cute fabric and thought it may be enough, and it was just barely perfect.

 So, to keep it sweet and simple, i laid the fabric out, put the old cover on top (my current cover has a drawstring, so it was easy to un-gather and lay flat).  I cut out a new cover, pinned it with the edges folded under directly onto the old cover, leaving just the edge holding the drawstring exposed (it gets gathered underneath anyways).

 I did a quick zig-zag stitch. . . 

. . . and then gathered it back around my ironing board. 

I LOVE it. 

It is now crisp, and clean to match the laundry room.  And I think I have ironed more in this week than I have in the last 6 months.  Now, i can be at peace with my wobbly little ironing board.  Even though the little rubber stoppers on the bottom fall off every time I pull it out of the laundry closet, and even though it rocks unsteadily with each swoop of the iron. . . it looks good and with an ironing board that rarely gets used, looks are all that matters.

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Liz said...

Ok, I have to steal this idea. My ironing board cover is terrible. I love how easy it is. Thanks for giving me another great idea.

KIM D said...

talk about timing--i was just thinking about my ugly eyesore the other day. why? because chris irons EVERYTHING!! we bought an over-the-door one when we moved in, but it just wasn't working, so he's planted the big one right in our bedroom. wouldn't bother me much if it matched seeing as how it gets used everyday, if not twice. thanks for a much easier idea than actually sewing "in" the drwastring. wish i was smart like you :) totally doing this tonight, while i watch TV :) thanks!

ps: you vinyl shall ship tomorrow & i'll just send you a $ request from paypal :) love ya'

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea for mine too. It needs it so bad, thank you!