Wednesday, January 27, 2010

90 pecent off!

Let me just start by saying today was a bad project day.  I sat down during quiet time to do a few little projects i had been itching to do, and one by one they all went down the tubes. . . not without draining all my usable time first.  So at the end of the day, when i finished the piled high stack of dishes I had neglected all day, while my kids ran around the main level asking me for a treat everytime they ran through the kitchen, thinking if i had only done this eariler. . .   I went out to the garage to throw a quick coat of spray paint over a 90 perecnt off christmas clearence wagon that i couldn't pass up.  The outcome certainly brightened up my mood, but not before this little face had.  . .
(I will blog Tmrw about her cute little clippy)

So, a few sprays of my new favorite spray paint color {oil rubbed bronze}:

Plus my 90 percent off Christmas wagon:



Kathryn Palmer said...

LOVE IT! It turned out darling.

Matt and Adge said...

that looks terrific! i'm trying to think of what i can go spray paint that color.