Monday, January 11, 2010

There is Nothing Like The Pitter-Patter of Cutely Dressed Feet

I have a friend who always has wonderful ideas for me. . and she was showing me the cutest shoes people were selling on etsy wondering if i could make anything of the same sort.  I didn't even realize you could make shoes.  I had never given it much thought, but the fabrics i was seeing people use for their homemade shoes were soo much cuter and more unique than the mary janes and leather shoes you can buy in the store. So i went looking around online and found this video with a corresponding free pattern.  I went to JoAnns, (which happened to have 50% off their clearence fabric) and purchased some faux leather for the soles and some cute fabric for the top.  Some helpful hints: I tried it out, and it was almost just as simple as the video makes it look.  When you connect the sole to the upper part of the shoe the girl in the video says you have to do some manipulating to fit it together, i think that was a bit of an understatment.  It was hard to get an even line to sew on at first, but after the first shoe was done i got the hang of it and the second i had assembled in a couple of minutes. Since my daughter is walking, i wanted a sole that would withstand some wear and tear, so i got a faux leather, and used a soft baby pink flannel for the second layer of sole, so when it was all finished i would have a nice sturdy leather (ish) sole and a nice soft inside. The pattern doesn't say what size they are, but after making these i am guessing they are a size 3. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to make bigger or smaller to fit It was pretty quick, i am excited to whip out a few more pair. Nothing like expanding your childs footwear for only a few bucks! It really is liberating to know how to make a pair of shoes, there really isn't anything that you can't make yourself. 

P.S.  Everyone had pretty good odds ;) but the winner of the giveaway is Melissa, cute little Tessa will look adoreable in this poofy tulle skirt. . Email me at and I will ship it too you this week!

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