Monday, January 25, 2010

A Bit of Warmth

This time of winter always has me thinking about spring.  This seems to be the time where there is just enough of a break from the fridgid winter temps that all the snow dissapears and I always get fooled into thinking spring is just around the corner.  When, in reality, in New England the warm weather is far, FAR away.  But i get on a train of thought none the less.  And my train of thought goes like this: Spring makes me think of Easter, and Easter makes me think of sweet pale colors like those from little tulip buds or cherry blossoms.  And the beautiful spring palette gets me thinking of Easter Dresses.  And when i think of Easter dresses, I get all giddy thinking of my sweet little threesome all dolled and slicked up.  It is hard to not think of all they ways they can match each other, or all the different styles and periods they can portray.  Last year I got an image in my head of some vintage looking outfits like children in the 1950 might have worn.   That proper little time period when after the town easter egg roll, all the kids would run to a candy shop and ask the man behind the counter (who would naturally be wearing red and white stripes, an apron and one of those little rectangular white hats) for giant swirly lollipops.  Then of course, without staining their prim, crisp clothes they would sing and lick their rainbow lolly's while their bobby-socked feet would skip down the incredibly safe and low-traffic Main street back to the house. Can't you just picture it?   I couldn't find anything like it in the stores.  Well, i found something wonderful for my boy, boy things are much easier to buy than to sew.  But the girls i had to design it myself.  Here was the outcome:

I was either so impressed with myself last year, or the depths of winter funk is getting to my head, but I am thinking of trying to design them something this year.  This takes some prep, so it makes it okay that i am easter dress "shopping" in January :).  I have done quite a bit more sewing since so I  made those dresses to i am feeling up for more of a challenge.  So in my spring state of mind i went purusing through chasing-fireflies (it's like my PotteryBarn, for girls dress ideas--love it, but can't buy it, so may as well try to make it) to see some of their so-sweet-you-could-eat-them dresses.  Here are my faves, You guys tell me what you think:
How can something so shapeless look so darn adorable?  I dont know what it is about this hot pink trash bag that i love so much, but it really is so striking and bold, and not like any other little girl dresses i see, that i just can't help but like it. 

This i just love and my oldest wasn't as excited about it as I am. . . I am hoping she changes her mind.  I love the two layers, and how thin that organza is throughout the middle and how rich it looks with the ruffles and rosettes.  And now that I know how to make rosettes, I could defnintely make this.

This looks like a Juliet dress.  And what little girls doesn't want to look like a Shakesperean princess?

I seriously think i could make this one out of burlap and paint the circles on.  I love the metallic against the coarse textured tan fabric. 
I heart fancy dresses on little girls.  There is nothing more hugable than a little girl in airy, subtle, tulle ruffles.

So this one is obviously for winter, but i could see it in some light whispy cotton candy pink chiffon, with dark pink rosette around the neck... i just can't get enough rosettes. 


The Duckers said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE....the first pink one and the green one the most!!! You have some amazing talent!!

The Duckers said...

I just tried to get on you regular blog and it said my invite had run out. Could you add me again????

that is...if you want to! :o/

Kathryn Palmer said...

Cute dress ideas. I have never heard of chasing butterflies. I also love your new jewelry holder frame. It turned out awesome. I love seeing all the things you come up with. It inspires me to do projects!

Brooke said...

such cute dresses. I love how organized and cute your jewelry board makes your room. Great mind you've got.

Matt and Adge said...

i LOVE that hot pink one! it would look cute, too, with a little white shrug. i also love that other one with the same neckline...the rough material with the polka dots. can't wait to see what you come up with!