Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jewelry Dilemma's: SOLVED!

This is my dresser this morning. . . and every morning for that matter.  It is dusty, i can hardly see the top, and more often than not it is littered with stuff.  It is really the only usable surface in our room right now because we only have one dresser (Soon to be two because i have a great craigslist gem sitting in my garage waiting to have a makeover). I constantly mull over what to do with this mess, but the real clutter is all the jewelry.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't too much jewelry, it is too much for my containers. Everyone of those containers on that dresser holds jewelry.  Even that poor little picture has become a holding zone, because, well, it was set on the dresser, and it had a rim, and so it qualified for something to plop my stuff in. I really need to dust and i can't do that until i am ready to really clean, so i need a solution.  I am currently on a big, bold jewelry kick and there is just never the right container for that--although my sister was reminding me of the Caboodles. . . that is a container that actually might work, but since I'm not thirteen anymore and it's not the early 90's I don't think I should own one anymore. So when my besty called me the other day and was mentioning a jewelry board she had seen hanging in the bathroom of one of her friends houses, my gears started turning and i couldn't let the idea go. What could be better than decor and storage all in one? The next thing i knew I was making a B- line to the fabric store to get something cute to be framed!  I love it so much that i need to share step by steps with you.  I actually did three at once, because my daughter needed one ;), and my son wanted to help with a project , so we turned his into a picture board and they helped with what they could.  Not all steps are suitable for little children but with close supervision there is a lot they can help with. 

Board of some sort (cork, wood, i used soundboard {the stuff that goes behind drywall to make soundproof rooms}), cut to fit inside the frame
Nails, Push Pins, or Tacks
Hot Glue AND E6000 craft glue
*This little side note goes for all my projects--I put what i use but be sure to see what you can use or substitute with stuff you already have at home so you don't have to buy supplies.  If you have wood, laying around than no need to buy cork board, try to innovate so that the project costs less.  This project only cost me about $5 because I worked with what i had! 

1. Prep work: Paint frame (if needed).  I spray painted mine with Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze color.  I heart Krylon brand spray paint, the ease with which it goes on is totally worth the extra 2 bucks, and i have used plenty of the cheap stuff to know (although, the cheap stuff does last well enough, you just have to use more to get the same even results, so i figure it all evens out, but by all means buy the cheap stuff if you like it).  And make sure your board it cut to fit in the frame.

2.  Lay out your fabric and place your board over top.   Cut your fabric with an extra 1 1/2 to 2 inch boarder around your board.  (My board was distorting the color of fabric i chose so I am doing a white muslin underneath my green upper fabric). 

3. Get your hot glue gun ready.  My 5 year old helped me glue the edges to the back by taking a stapler and pressing the fabric down so we weren't burning off our fingerprints.  While you are doing this be sure if there is a pattern it is lined up evenly with the board before you begin to glue, also make sure you pull it tight so there are no wrinkles in the fabric.  Glue all 4 sides leaving the corners I have some pictures and instructions below for these steps. 

4.  Now you are ready to glue your fabric covered board to your frame.  I am loving this E6000 glue, it is tough stuff, so i am using that.  glue on the back of the frame and place your board on it.  I went ahead and put some heavy books on each side so it would hold tight while the glue was drying. 

5.  Finally, it is ready for the tacks.  I used these awesome little furniture tacks i got at the hardware store.  They look antique and they were long enough to push in while leaving enough out to hang something over, and they were sturdy enough to hold all my chunky necklaces.  Position the tacks where it will be best for your jewelry and hammer, or push them in place.  If you have lighter necklaces you could use cork board and pushpins and then it will be easy to change around if you need to. 

6.  Hang your jewelry on your new statement piece and let your jewelry decorate your room instead of cluttering it ;).


sara said...

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Gina said...

Super cute Kim! I love the big, thick frame and that fabric is perfect! I never wear jewelry, but maybe that has something to do with every piece I own being jumbled into one big ball in my "jewelry" box...

Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

Hi Kim,
I am just now familiarizing myself with your blog. It's amazing stuff! I am in love with your green piano. I am SLOWLY starting the journey of decorating our first house. I am getting loads of ideas from your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talents!!!

Cindy said...

Oh I just LOVE how this turned out! Seriously, I LOVE it! Can I say LOVE one more time??

Kenna said...

Um LOVE IT!!!! Wear did you get your frame???? I'm doing this for sure!!!!

Embellished Bayou said...

Beautiful! I love the size & fabric! I made something similar except I used screen in the center. Great job!

Lisa said...



Sally said...

Just wandered over from Make your Monday. Loving your blog. Your jewelry board is really cute, I just made one for my daughter in a goodwill frame, painted black with a black and white damask. I don't blog, so no pictures or link!

Heidi Walker said...

Thank YOU!!! You just helped me really save some money and come up with a great way to diplay jewelry at vendor events.

Bob said...

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Karen said...

Not only am I wanting to run out and make this, but I also want to buy some new jewelry! You have some cute pieces hanging up there :)

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