Monday, December 21, 2009

Jedi Cloak. . . It's Coming. . .

GOODNEWS!  I finished my Jedi Cloak!  I think my son is really going to love it.  Santa and i have ESP and I just know he is bringing him a Light Saber and Obi Wan dress up, and since i am making my kids each something for christmas this year, i thought, he needs a cloak.  It was quite cheap and took me about a afternoon naptime, and in between the good parts of the Survivor Finale to finish it, so not too long to do.  Now for the BAD NEWS. . . i can't get a good picture of it until after christmas when i can put it on him, so, that is the project, and it is coming, with instructions you will just have to be in suspense until after the holidays to see it. 

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