Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung. . .

It took me a while to settle on christmas stockings, every year i would mull over what style i liked, and if i could find that style a few years from now if our family grew, or if i should buy out all of them to cover my bases.  I never planned on basing my family size on what number of matching stockings i could find, but it was starting to get tricky.  Plus, they're not cheap.  It's a good $20 for a good stocking.  So, after a couple of failed attempts i decided to start from scratch.  I looked at the ones from the store and found details i liked {that i thought i could duplicate on my own} from the ones i was attracted to. I didn't want to start anything too fancy that i wouldnt have the energy to keep up with later, but i wanted them to be cute, and have a similar look, but each one being unique.  So i went to the store, got some felt, stuck to geometric shapes and whipped out the first three in a few days.  Then with each additional one, i still have the supplies, and it has still been just as simple as it was the first time.  I made a pattern out of paper, and store it in a shoebox bin with the felt, and some thread to stitch it on, and I love pulling them out each year.  My only criteria for the designs on the front are that they can be made from geometric shapes, so that i can keep it all simple, quick, and cute. And instead of embrodering names on each one {which i couldn't do if i tried}  I stuck with a simple monogram.  Spending less, and making it easy doesn't always mean it has to look cheap ;).

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