Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A whole new ball game

I recently discovered that my new computer came with photoshop elements.  Woohoo!  Not that I have had much need for it, but i started dabbling with it here an there, but I don't have a manual, and i hear people take classes on this stuff, and i just have no interest in getting that familiar with it.  But, I just may change my mind.  Yesterday i was trying to find a recent picture of my kids and i didn't really have one framable photo of all of them together.  They had a photoshoot not long ago where they got awesome individual shots but   the group shots of the kids weren't very successful.  They were all tired of pictures by then and there wasn't one picture of all of them even looking at the camera, let alone making a presentable face.  So I turned to photoshop and decided to go to youtube to find some good visual directions on how to transplant a head from one picture to another.  {Just a side note, i am a very visual person, and youtube is AWESOME, I have learned so many skills from youtube videos--anything from fun hairstyles, to sewing, to making hairbows and even how to play quite a few songs on the piano.  It's a great resource for learning things}.  I used this slightly odd, but very helpful tutorial here {beware of the cheesy start up music;)}.  I added a couple other fun coloring affects, and I think it turned out pretty good for my first time. . .

So now I am thinking this changes everything for picture taking!  If I can do this what other fun photos can I doctor up, I may never need a group photo of us again, I can just cut and paste everyone right into this same backdrop everytime I need a photo, ha!  Okay maybe not, it's always better to have a great original, but it is a good plan B :).

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KIM D said...

what?!? and to think that i paid $$ for my program--rude! i do have to say good job on the swapping faces :) you & that youtube. *shaking my head* i don't know how you find the time to complete all these projects, let alone blog about them. you amaze me with your made skills. i'm calling you miss martha from now on :)