Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Christmas is fast approaching, and I still have done nothing for my neighbors.  I really have the best neighbors in the world, so I didn't want the season to pass by without giving them something.  My original plan was so do a cute jar with a pretty arrangement of sliced oranges and lemons, a bay leaf, cinnamon sticks and a few cloves to use for a simmering potpourri {my sister-in-law gave me one a few thanksgivings ago, and it looked so cute and smelled wonderful!}. So, I went to the hardware store for jars, and they had them stashed in their upstairs storage room.  I wasn't sure what size jars they even make (i'm not much of a canner), so the guy just had me follow him up there. I am feeling bad for making him go to all this trouble, so when he showed me a case of them i said that was it, and purchased them without looking too carfully.  I realized when i got home that it was one quart jars, which are quite big, and not the jelly jar size i was looking for.  I couldn't go return them after all that, so I needed to go to plan B. I went through a list of ideas that were starting to feel complicated this late in the game, but then I started wondering if i could fit a stack of cookies in there. It fit a dozen cookies perfectly. To guarentee their freshness I made them after dinner and once they were cooled i put them in the jars and brought them around.  As i was assembling them, the brassy lids were a bit of an eyesore, so i went to the garage and grabbed my trusty white spraypaint and did just one quick coat on the rings while the cookies were cooling.  While the paint was drying and cookies cooling I cut some Christmas fabric in circles that were big enough that the edges folded over the top of the jar, but not big enough that it showed from under the rings when it was screwed on.  I put it all together and really loved the weathered look of the white rings. It came together better than I expected so I thought I would share.     

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Cindy said...

eww...i love this idea!