Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas gifts on a Budget: T-shirt Scarfs

We are nearing the end of the week, there are so many ideas and only so much time for me to actually get them done, pictures taken, and have them posted.  And even though it won't make it in this week, i have a Jedi Cloak on my list of things to make, so when i figure it out, it is sure to be easy and inexpensive, cause that's how i roll.  I just need to make it to JoAnn's with my 40% off coupon to get some fabric first.  So be looking for that hopefully next week sometime if you are needing a good gift idea for a little boy.  For today, we have a scarf made from a T-shirt {or two if you want to switch up the colors a bit}.   You could do this for a boy or a girl, It would look so cute for a boy with navy, red and gold Tshirts or differnent kinds of camo. 

Some old Tshirts (at least 2)
Sewing Machine or Serger

COST: $0--or maybe a disgruntled husband after he finds out you cut up all of his beloved Tshirts. 

I am starting with a shirt that i am not sure how we aquired but it is too big for my oldest and since no one has claimed it it is being reused!  I am making a long skinny scarf, but you can make the blocks any length or width you want, just make them all even widths, so when you are done the sides will all be straight.  Sew each block together and iron seams flat when done.  That is the front. For the back cut long strips of equal width of another Tshirt (or heck now that we have rediscovered fleece, you could use that for the back too!).  Cut enough that when sewn together the are the same length as the front of the scarf.  Sew the backing strips together, and iron seams flat.  Then with wrong sides together sew down the length of each side (LEAVE THE ENDS OPEN!).  Then turn right side out, fold in each end and do a top stitch across it.  You could even do something fancy like a zig zag stitch.  DONE! How easy was that!?  Not to mention. . . oh so cute!


Cindy said...

Geez, I didn't realize you had so many cute projects up your sleeve! I'm so impressed!

the landreths said...

I really have never had any desire (or ability) to do projects like these, but you make me think i want to make my boys some scarves.